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Plancraft boat history.

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Scorpion  Sprite 11ft Sceptre 14ft Stingray 14ft
Safari 15ft Sprinter 150 Sabre 16ft Sigma 150
Sceptre 170 Swift 19ft Sport 21ft Sport 220
Weekender 210 Dive RIB Luxury RIB  

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The following is a list of all past and present Plancraft models, dating from approx 1967. All major parts and accessories are still available for most older models, plus servicing, renovation, re- trimming, Please call for details. 


LOA: 8ft 10"   Beam: 4ft    Weight (approx):50Kg.   Max 25Hp.

(1990 onwards 2 models. The early model had a metal outboard bracket, the later model is a complete moulding)

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LOA: 11ft 5"   Beam: 4ft    Weight (approx):127Kg.  Max 40Hp.

(approx 1980 to 1992 high screen with stainless steel rail and front folding bench seat. 1993 to 1996 lower screen and stainless rail with bucket seats)

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LOA: 14ft    Beam: 5ft 8"   Weight (approx):216Kg.    Max 85Hp.

(approx 1967 to 1975 alloy screen rail and alloy fendering, front seats incorporating storage locker and rear side bench seats, several models have split colour gel on hull)

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LOA: 14ft   Beam: 5ft 8"  Weight (approx):216Kg.   Max 85Hp.

(approx 1975 to 1979 similar to Sceptre with front bucket seats and alloy fendering. 1979 to 1983 alloy screen rail and perspex screen, rubber fender. 1984 to 1996 Alloy frame glass screen and rubber fendering)

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LOA: 15ft 3"  Beam: 5ft 9"  Weight (approx):430Kg.   Max 75Hp.

(approx 1980 to 1996 no model changes, dory style boat with sports boat styling, either folding seats or bucket/ bench seats and carpeted floor)

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Sprinter 150.

LOA: 15ft 3"    Beam: 5ft   9"  Weight (approx):430Kg.      Max 75Hp.

(1995 onwards same as popular Safari model, but with centre console and GRP anti slip/ easy maintenance floor)

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LOA: 16ft 7"  Beam: 5ft  Weight (approx):315Kg.   Max 125Hp.

(approx 1972 to 1979 Alloy screen rail with full wrap round perspex screen, outboard well rounded with stiffening flutes in well. Approx 1977 several models with inboard Ford engine/ PP Jet produced. 1979 to 1984 Alloy screen rail/ perspex moulded screen  with gap in side by driver and passenger, corners  are squared off  especially around outboard well, print in well for inboard version. Later version has rubber fendering. 1984 to 1996 Stainless steel rail with perspex moulded screen. 2 versions, inboard and outboard. Most inboards are fitted with BMW engines and generally white with BMW colours. 1991 onwards 525 and later 170 model, with moulded screen and higher freeboard)

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Sigma 150.

LOA: 15ft  Beam: 5ft 9" Weight (approx):217Kg.  Max 75Hp.

(1995 onwards)

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Sceptre 170.

LOA: 16ft 10"  Beam: 6ft 8" Weight (approx):385Kg.   Max 135Hp.

(1996 onwards)

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Seaflite Swift 19 Bowrider and Cuddy.

LOA: 19ft  Beam: 7ft 4"  Weight (approx):1110Kg. Max 205Hp.

(1991 onwards Mostly inboard bowrider model, outboard bowrider produced for export model only. Cuddy version has large engine lid/ sunbed and access area under deck through passenger side doorway)

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Seaflite Sport 21.

LOA: 21ft 6"  Beam: 7ft 6" Weight (approx):1270Kg. Max 260Hp.

(1985 to 1993 Mostly the same but earlier model has shorter screen and rear deck rails incorporate bathing platform support)

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Seaflite Weekender 210.

LOA: 21ft 6"  Beam: 7ft 6" Weight (approx):1270Kg. Max 260Hp.

(1986 onwards new model produced 1996, but earlier model still available)

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Seaflite Sport 220.

LOA: 21ft 6"  Beam: 7ft 6"  Weight (approx):800Kg. Max 225Hp.

(1992 to 1996)

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LOA:19ft (5.8m)  Beam: 8ft 9"Weight (approx):800Kg. Max 135Hp.

(1996 onwards all models have GRP moulded floor, various layouts depending upon customer specification produced)

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From 1991 Plancraft have manufactured their own range of trailers as well as using other leading brands.

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